• Hi. I'm Andrea

    Gravy loving, pale faced, heavily medicated slice of magnificence.

    Hello, I'm Andrea Hubert


    I am a comedian, writer and amateur taxidermist. I have only ever stuffed one mouse (Alan) but I still like to think of it as a hobby, albeit a rarely practiced one.


    Since late 2010 I have performed stand up comedy all over the UK. I performed my debut Edinburgh show 'Week' at the Edinburgh Festival in 2016, and it went pretty well. I got some lovely reviews, and despite crippling sauna-like conditions in my venue, nobody fainted like a Southern Belle. I performed my second show 'Holes of Joy' at the Edinburgh Festival in 2018 and it also went pretty well. Amongst others, I had a very nice review from Scotsgay, which is all the approval I ever really wanted. I'm currently writing my 3rd hour, which will probably revolve around my Jewishness, and how to avoid talking about the middle east at dinner parties.


    I also do film writing for The Guardian Guide, and comedy for TV. I contributed sketches for BBC's Walk on the Wildside, and wrote sketches for E4's Mad on Chelsea. (I also write corporate tweets for money, which emotionally makes me feel a bit like the middle of a human centipede).


    In 2013, my writing partner Ryan Cull and I won the BAFTA Rocliffe New Comedy Writing Forum. We sold our first sitcom to the BBC, and are currently finishing our first feature length script. I'm pretty proud of it and I very much hope you get to see it some day. Though given the deterioration of society, it's far more likely you'll see me reciting it while high at Speakers Corner while people throw rubbish at my head. Either way, I'll give it 100%.

  • Word on the street

    And by street, I mean internet and what my mum tells people.

    I have won (and nearly won):

    Winner: This is London "Best Debut Edinburgh Show" 2016 for 'Week'


    Winner: Bafta Rocliffe New Writing Award 2013


    Shortlisted: Bafta Rocliffe New Writing Award 2012

    Winner - Boom-Tish New Act 2011

    Runner up - Laughing Horse New Act 2010

    Runner up - Bath Comedy Festival New Act 2011

    Runner Up - Piccadilly Comedy Club New Act 2011

    Finalist - Leicester Square New Comedian 2011

    Semi-finalist - So You Think You're Funny 2010

    Things people have said:

    “A gifted storyteller…Hubert was the highlight of the show.” - Fringe Guru


    “Andrea Hubert’s eccentric and dark humour has the audience in hysterics" - Broadway Baby


    “A keen writing skill.…an archly cynical attitude….her slick, fluid set is rich with inventive, sarcastic gags all hung around an intriguing personality" - Chortle


    “A thoroughly engaging presence, too, with a quirkily descriptive approach to her observations… you are drawn instinctively into her world” - Chortle


    "Smart, engaging and charismatic, Hubert is a hit" - London Is Funny

    Podcasts I've been a delightful guest on:

    BBC Women's Hour

    where I talk about being tall and dating men who hate it

    Jokes with Mark Simmons
    where I talk about how I write jokes (hint - I have NO discernable process)


    Drunk Women Solving Crime

    where I have no idea what I said because I was wasted on Prosecco


    All I Do Is Fail

    where I talk about how it felt to get booed off stage at a Butlins


    The Union Jackoff

    where I chat to Daniel Muggleton about stuff and later find out his dad thinks I'm lovely


    Focus People!

    where I chat with the lovely David Mills and the brilliant Tom Mayhew

  • Want to come to a show?

    Fine. But I'm wildly inconsistent so I'll thank you to manage your expectations.

    Here is a list of my gigs. Some are new material, and some are pro gigs. You are welcome to come, but don't get angry with me if you pick a dodgy one. This isn't an exact science.

    I'm currently writing a new show so most of these gigs are new material gigs, where there's every chance that what comes out my mouth won't be funny, and will be weird. So, up to you if you want to come.

    November 2021


    Tuesday 2nd - Camden Comedy Club
    Friday 5th - Angel Comedy Club


  • Life is a one act play

    I eavesdrop and make up the endings. I'll do one for you if you like. 

    broken image

    Happy Halloween

    A one act play about appropriate costumes

    Read more at http://oneactplay.tumblr.com

    broken image

    I'll care in my own time

    A one act play about office friends

    Read more at http://oneactplay.tumblr.com

    broken image

    Office banter

    A one act play about terrible people

    Read more at http://oneactplay.tumblr.com

    broken image

    Coffee? Maybe next week

    A one act play about ex friends

    Read more at http://oneactplay.tumblr.com

  • Ladies love a Crafternoon

    Nobody touch my glue gun

    This is a cake I made for Julia's birthday. It looks just like her.

    I make cakes sometimes. I find baking soothing. It's sort of like getting a hug from a mythical creature, for example, a sphinx, or someone you love who loves you back.

    I did this for Bec Hill. I'm not sure she appreciated it.

    This is part of a series of puns that I drew while I was meant to be doing my day job. I assume my employers will consider it money well spent.

    This is a hat that I made

    I made this hat using a few plastic tigers that I found on the street, and some LED lights that I found on Ebay. It's the thing I am most proud of in my life.

    This is a falafel hat

    I wish I could take credit for this one, but actually I just had the idea, and then my friend Alice created the hat. Also, I like how thin my shoulders look.

    Alan and the Crue

    This is Alan, the first mouse I ever stuffed. He's a little wonky on the outside but very even tempered and emotionally well balanced. 

    Her legs are made of wood

    This is Heidi, a child-doll I made from wood and polystyrene. I accidentally wrote something terrible on her face in glitter pen which is why she isn't allowed to turn around. Also, she's shy.

    He's thinking disgusting thoughts behind those eye holes

    I made this with glow in the dark nail polish on a pre-cut mexican death mask. Sadly I never go anywhere that has UV lighting so I don't know if it really does glow. I hope so. 

    broken image

    I did these at work about my colleagues and then I stuck them on doors. I also made some pretty sweet toilet signs, but they had to be taken down because of complaints.

  • You can find me

    But please be nice. I went to an all girls school - I've been through enough.

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    You can follow this if you like. But we're not friends. We're interested strangers.


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    I don't tweet loads. I find it restrictive. But needs must, eh?

    broken image

    I think LinkedIn is just perverts trying to have sex with me.

    broken image

    You can get in touch with my agent Lisa here. She's really nice. She puts up with a lot. 

  • Something on your mind?

    I will answer any question within what I consider reason.

  • Stuff that I like

    It's mostly just places you can buy cowboy boots and find pictures of toddlerpedes

    If you like me, then you might like my friends:


    Ryan Cull - he's my co-writer and the wind beneath my wings.


    John Hastings - he's my Canadian flatmate and has a gigantic head and sort of looks like he should be in the Nazi Youth Party but he's still a great comedian


    Bec Hill - If sexy-child was a genre of attractiveness, that's how I'd describe her. Pigtails and cocktails? Come on. Oh, and insanely inventive and adorable and funny.


    Abandoman - This is Irish Comedy Rap at its finest.


    Molotov Jukebox - not strictly comedy, but my friend Nat is the singer and she cracks me up when she's between songs. One of the songs is called Sex Foot and there are actions. ACTIONS!


    Harper Lake - this is an amazing UK vocalist who has great hair that makes her look like a really cool teenage boy. She gets a LOT of love from the ladies.


    John Beinart - I would be terrified to meet John because his art is grotesque and beautiful and that never comes from a place of calm. BUT CHECK OUT HIS TODDLERPEDES!